BIGTIME Keeps Rising in the Backdrop of a Crashing Market

Bits Logics Team . 12th Oct 2023
  • BIGTIME an RPG game token gets listed on Kucoin Exchange. 
  • The token rose exponentially from $0.0625 to $0.2379. 
  • Big Time will take the user on a wild ride across the vast reaches of time and space, while users will need to discover threats to time.

Big Time is a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG game that combines fast-action combat and adventure. Its token BIGTIME was listed on the Kucoin exchange platform on October 12. The token is currently priced at  $0.2514 after it increased by 289.36% within the last 24 hours. It has a trading volume of $171,619,318, which is up 1052% during the 24 hours. 

When considering the chart for BIGTIME, it could be seen that the token has been increasing, despite the market going against it. BIGTIME was trading at $0.0702  when the markets opened for trading. 

BIGTIME/USDT 1-Day Chart (Source: CoinMarketCap)

Gradually, the token gained value making higher highs. BIGTIME registered its highest price of 0.3064. The token seems to show much potential. 

Big Time will take the user on a wild ride across the vast reaches of time and space. Along the way, the user will encounter some of history’s most famous (and infamous) figures, however, these figures could turn out a little different than expected.

The user’s mission is to uncover a mysterious threat that’s tearing down the very walls of time itself. Big Time’s next-level design allows players the chance to collect rare NFT items, which can then be traded in-and-out of the game through our patented Vault technology.

Moreover, Big Time will offer clothing and armor from a variety of different time periods, allowing the player to kit out the hero and express their badassery for all the world to see. 

Furthermore, each player will get to own their own personal Time Machine, which can be customized with a wide range of items. Decorate the user’s space with new furniture. 

Users can hang trophies celebrating their adventures through time. Or display their unique collection of NFT artwork for their friends. And there’s no better place to show off all this loot than the game’s central hub — Epoch City, a sprawling metropolis situated at the end of the universe.